Hair & Beauty Studio

Authorized skincare retailer of Yonka® Paris products.

Facial Treatments

FLASH FACIAL                                                             $45

Quick introduction to a full facial. Wonderful treatment in between regular facials to let your skin glow. Great way to discover Yon-ka products. 
Duration: 30 min

Le grande classique facial                                  $120

Yon-ka holistic and customized treatment for a unique experience. Deep pore cleansing, restoring, and relaxing facial. Recommended for all skin types and for all ages, as well as for a dull and tired complexion.
Duration: 90 min
Frequency:  Once a month

Vital defense facial                                               $90

Antioxidant and anti-pollution cleansing facial. Recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin.
Duration: 60 min

hydralessence facial                                            $90

High performance hydrating facial, great after sun repair. Recommended for all dehydrated skins and sensitive skins.
Duration: 60 min

stimulastine facial                                               $100

Smoothing and restructuring anti-wrinkle facial. Expertized anti-aging treatment. Recommended for dry, dehydrated skin (for ages 35-55 with superficial or deep wrinkles). 
Duration: 60 min                   

Optimizer facial                                                     $100

Lifting and firming facial. Anti-aging treatment. Recommended for mature and dry skin that lacks firmness. 
Duration: 90 min

Authorized skincare retailer of Yonka® Paris products.
Yonka® Paris products are used for all facial treatments.